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The Best 5 Free Online HTML Editor Websites

September 16, 2017 Blog development Tools 0

In this article we’ll be looking at the best five free online HTML editors you probably didn’t know about. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to download and install any software because they all work in your web browser. Try them all to pick your favorite. 5. HTML Code Editor This… Read more

Income Tax Calculator

August 16, 2017 income tax income tax calculator javascript javascript frameworks tax Wordpress 0

I am pleased to present a state of the art income tax/salary calculator that I have built for UK citizens to calculate their tax and salary, with the help of AngularJs and WordPress. The salary calculator was built because of the lack of a really easy to use yet feature-full income tax calculator in the… Read more

How To Add Categories To WordPress Pages

August 13, 2017 php Wordpress 0

As a default, WordPress won’t allow you to categorise the pages, as it only allows categories to be set to posts. The good news is that there is a very easy way to enable categories to WordPress pages. Just paste the code below into your plugin’s or theme’s functions.php file, and you’re done: 12345function add_taxonomies_to_pages()… Read more

Save and retrieve data with WordPress Options

August 11, 2017 php Wordpress 0

Sometimes you might be in need of quickly storing and retrieveing data in WordPress for your plugin (in this example a simple delivery price is stored in wp_options table), and you don’t want to set up a separate database table and code to handle the database for this. The good news is that there is… Read more

WordPress Insert Content After Content

August 11, 2017 php Wordpress 0

This is a simple code to add extra content after the content of a page or post in a WordPress website. Just paste the code intop your plugin’s or theme’s functions.php file, and edit it to your preference: 12345678910function wpb_after_post_content( $content ) {                     $custom_content =… Read more

Regex to extract url that contains word

June 13, 2017 Design 0

The regex below will help you find and extract the url of a link from within an html code. In the case below, it will find the href attribute that contains the word linkedin.com, and will return the full url. 1<a [^>]*\bhref\s*=\s*"([^"]*linkedin.com[^"]*)

MySQL Get Distance By Latitude And Longitude Coordinates

April 16, 2017 mysql 0

Create a stored procedure: 12345678910111213CREATE FUNCTION distance (latA double, lonA double, latB double, LonB double)     RETURNS double DETERMINISTIC BEGIN     SET @RlatA = radians(latA);     SET @RlonA = radians(lonA);     SET @RlatB = radians(latB);     SET @RlonB = radians(LonB);     SET @deltaLat = @RlatA – @RlatB;    … Read more

The Best CSS Editors To Use In 2017

March 25, 2017 Blog Design Tools 0
online css editor

Even a simple Notepad es enough to edit CSS code. If you need syntax highlighting and other features that make composing even more user-friendly then you can use Notepad++, a desktop application which handles so many programming languages. If you’re looking for an online CSS editor which doesn’t require software download, installation, regular upgrades, shady… Read more

The Best Interactive CSS Cheat Sheet

March 25, 2017 Blog Design Tools 0
css cheat sheet

There are many online CSS Cheat Sheets out there┬áto help you pick the perfect styles for the website you’re working on but most of them are either a static page or even worse, a simple PDF file. Let me introduce the best collection of interactive CSS tools, all in one place which will make your… Read more

HTML CSS Windows XP Geek Prank

March 20, 2017 Blog Design development javascript jquery Tools 0

Only one more week till April Fool’s Day and today I’m going to give you a great tip on how to prank your classmates or colleagues. There’s an online Windows XP simulator, built entirely with HTML and CSS which imitates the functionality of an old computer but it runs in a web browser. Trick your… Read more