Without over complicating things, here is a list of useful SSH commands that I’m using to remotely manipulate the server of my websites. du -msh...

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Useful SSH Linux Commands

sale finder site

How to build a deal finder website with a crawler Have you ever dreamed about building a discount finder website yourself? Well if you have, I’v...

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Sale Finder website

newspaper style website design

  The website I’m showcasing today was inspired by an old newspaper. The design is using only an old-looking monochrome sepia look through...

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Newspaper-style webpage

bad html pactices

  Let our very first CSS showcase be a counterexample about a website which lists everything you should avoid while designing a website. I prom...

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Bad HTML and CSS practices

We are proud to present a collection of the finest web design inspiration source! Browse our CSS Showcase and widen your perspective to help in your ...

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Welcome to CSS Showcase