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How to secure cPanel and WHM

July 12, 2019 cPanel hacking security WHM 0

If you’ve ever had a Virtual Private Server on Linux, it’s very likely that you’ve used WHM. In the video below, you’ll learn how to secure your WHM and cPanel and protect it from brute-force attackers, the most common type of attack that hackers are using to gain access to your server.

After Tax Calculator

January 31, 2018 income tax income tax calculator php Wordpress 0

We are proud to present another cool development project that falls into the tax calculators category – this time, it’s an after tax calculator that helps employees find out their net pay after all tax and national insurance has been deducted. The web app has got a very simple to use interface, where people simply… Read more

Embeddable income tax calculator

November 16, 2017 Design income tax income tax calculator 0

Powerful and easy to use UK income tax calculator, that allows you to find out tax and national insurance details about your salary.   Powered by Income Tax

WordPress – SQL to create a new admin user in phpMyAdmin

October 12, 2017 Design 0

Did you ever have the need of creating a new WordPress user with admin user, and you don’t have the login details for the current Wp admin? Well the good news is that you can easily create a new user with admin role just with pure SQL code. Simply add your database name, username, wp_prefix,… Read more

Plug and play SASS compiler and auto CSS minifier with Gulp

October 7, 2017 css javascript sass Tools 0

If you’re just like me, you definitely like the slogan: if you go (black) SASS, you can never go back. SASS can help you build beautiful CSS code in a way that you would not have imagined it a few years ago. You can use advanced features like variables, functions, and import, right alongside writing… Read more

The Best 5 Free Online HTML Editor Websites

September 16, 2017 Blog development Tools 0
html5 editor

In this article we’ll be looking at the best five free online HTML editors you probably didn’t know about. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to download and install any software because they all work in your web browser. Try them all to pick your favorite. 5. HTML Code Editor This… Read more

Income Tax Calculator

August 16, 2017 income tax income tax calculator javascript javascript frameworks tax Wordpress 0

I am pleased to present a state of the art income tax/salary calculator that I have built for UK citizens to calculate their tax and salary, with the help of AngularJs and WordPress. The salary calculator was built because of the lack of a really easy to use yet feature-full income tax calculator in the… Read more

How To Add Categories To WordPress Pages

August 13, 2017 php Wordpress 0

As a default, WordPress won’t allow you to categorise the pages, as it only allows categories to be set to posts. The good news is that there is a very easy way to enable categories to WordPress pages. Just paste the code below into your plugin’s or theme’s functions.php file, and you’re done: 12345function add_taxonomies_to_pages()… Read more

Save and retrieve data with WordPress Options

August 11, 2017 php Wordpress 0

Sometimes you might be in need of quickly storing and retrieveing data in WordPress for your plugin (in this example a simple delivery price is stored in wp_options table), and you don’t want to set up a separate database table and code to handle the database for this. The good news is that there is… Read more

WordPress Insert Content After Content

August 11, 2017 php Wordpress 0

This is a simple code to add extra content after the content of a page or post in a WordPress website. Just paste the code intop your plugin’s or theme’s functions.php file, and edit it to your preference: 12345678910function wpb_after_post_content( $content ) {                     $custom_content =… Read more