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best javascript tools and frameworks



Web design and development is a really exciting area of the IT industry, and it’s the one that requires the most attention to detail and artistic talent. Nowadays there are a plethora of tools that will help any creative web designer realise their vision – the limit is literally the sky with today’s technology. We aim to present you a comprehensive list with all the Javascript libraries and frameworks out there, that will hopefully help you maximize your creative talent.

Here is the list with the best Javascript Frameworks:

  • AniJS  An extremely powerful and lightweight JavaScript library that will make your website’s elements come to live with amazing animations (animations, examples)
  • GSAP is, as they state on their website, the new standard for HTML5 animations. Comes with many plugins and features, really worth having a look at it.
  • Backbone is a very popular and powerful  JavaScript framework, and it’s main job is to keep your business logic separate from your user interface.
  • Three.js is a great JavaScript library that will take your browser 3D applications to the next level.
  • Ember is yet again a very powerful next generation JavaScript framework that can do unimaginable things to your web development.
  • D3.js is best for data manipulation and visualization, give it a try if you need to display interesting and interactive charts on the web
  • Angular is an extremely powerful and popular enterprise framework used by giants such as Google, PayPal, Ryanair, and many more.
  • Scrollrevealjs.org does exactly what the url says: it reveals the content as you scroll down in a fancier way.
  • Fabricjs.com
  • Loads more Javascript libraries and frameworks to come


I hope you enjoy the above list of these amazing frameworks, and I hope it will be an inspiration for you when wondering “what’s next”? The list above will be regularly updated, and we’ll add more libraries every month. Please leave a comment if you know any other useful JavaScript libraries.