July 15, 2015 Design 0
newspaper style website design

newspaper style website design


The website I’m showcasing today was inspired by an old newspaper. The design is using only an old-looking monochrome sepia look throughout the whole page. I can almost feel the smell of the old tidings while browsing this site.

wwweeebbb.com detects the current date and a city near our current location, displaying the main headline as I would be the reading a fresh paper with the latest local news. Reading this website is a little confusing but still unique experience. Every website’s goal is to attract the visitor’s attention and this is exactly what this website does. This design can’t go unnoticed and we feel the urge to discover and interact with it

The website is not just a stiff display but it has its own interactive elements typical to any modern website. It has got a carousel and the page is fully responsive. Probably this is the first old journal that adjusts itself in width.

The old-looking pale-gold color background with the old paper texture and the threadbare lines provide a perfect old-school effect. The font family used (IM Fell DW Pica SC) is looking like it was composed with an old typewriter.

The pin-up style images in the image carousel make me feel like I’m time traveling. There’s a Rubik’s Cube image attached to an article which starts moving when it’s hovered.

The logo has to be mentioned as well, where the characters of the the domain name (wwweeebbb) are all written with the same character but rotated in a different way. The letters are stacked together, forming a 3×3 square.

WWWEEEBBB is the site of a web design agency so it’s obvious that they have to show off what they’ve got. I give them a big Like!