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html5 editor

In this article we’ll be looking at the best five free online HTML editors you probably didn’t know about. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to download and install any software because they all work in your web browser. Try them all to pick your favorite.

5. HTML Code Editor

This is a simple online text area where you can paste your HTML code to render a preview. You can compose the content and perform HTML cleaning, filter the tags and other useful features. This program is only the fifth in my list because it doesn’t have any visual editor. Click the image below to launch it.

html code editor instant preview

4. HTML Editor Tools

Located on a .tools domain, this website incorporates two areas where you can play with the articles. A syntax-highlighted source and a WYSIWYG editor makes web content composing a piece of cake. Try the built-in cleaning options.

html editor tools

HTML Editor.Tools

3. Online HTML Editor

This site is very similar to a classic HTML editor, but you can also learn about web design in a really nice blog which lists articles in the following categories: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Tools and Freebies. This is a great resource for those who are looking to learn and become web developers.

online html editor

2. HTML5 Editor

Designed for editing HTML5 code (not like the others in this list are not doing the same), this is also a great resource to bookmark. Use this to convert documents to a valid HTML5 markup.

html5 editor

1. The Best Online HTML Editor: HTMLG

For those who are looking for a professional HTML editor, this is the best pick. It requires a paid membership but even the free demo provides enough features to make happy everyone. Unfortunately the trial version is not available on Fridays. Probably they want to motivate to subscribe those who want their job done quickly before the weekend.

professional html editor

Just to mention a few great features: tag manager, cleaning options, to-div converter, lipsum generator, color picker, tag and attribute filters. Members can save their content and  their preferred settings to the cloud and open it from another computer.