Plug and play SASS compiler and auto CSS minifier with Gulp

October 7, 2017 css javascript sass Tools 0

If you’re just like me, you definitely like the slogan: if you go (black) SASS, you can never go back. SASS can help you build beautiful CSS code in a way that you would not have imagined it a few years ago. You can use advanced features like variables, functions, and import, right alongside writing… Read more

Income Tax Calculator

August 16, 2017 income tax income tax calculator javascript javascript frameworks tax Wordpress 0

I am pleased to present a state of the art income tax/salary calculator that I have built for UK citizens to calculate their tax and salary, with the help of AngularJs and WordPress. The salary calculator was built because of the lack of a really easy to use yet feature-full income tax calculator in the… Read more

HTML CSS Windows XP Geek Prank

March 20, 2017 Blog Design development javascript jquery Tools 0

Only one more week till April Fool’s Day and today I’m going to give you a great tip on how to prank your classmates or colleagues. There’s an online Windows XP simulator, built entirely with HTML and CSS which imitates the functionality of an old computer but it runs in a web browser. Trick your… Read more

Two Way Data Binding With jQuery

February 23, 2017 Design development javascript jquery 0

This is definitely the most simple and one of the most effective 2 way data binding method with jQuery. Just simply add the custom attribute bind to any element, and it will bind the data to all elements with the same bind value. See the code below get the idea: One: This div’s content will… Read more

Koala as TypeScript Compiler – Installation Guide Step by Step

October 23, 2016 javascript Typescript 0

You might be just starting out in the mysterious world of TypeScript, and you are wondering what the heck should I do with this? Where to start with TypeScript? How do I compile it to Javascript code that browsers can actually understand? Just like you, I was once a beginner with TypeScript, and  I know… Read more

The Best Javascript Libraries For Web Developers

January 23, 2016 javascript javascript frameworks 0
best javascript tools and frameworks

  Web design and development is a really exciting area of the IT industry, and it’s the one that requires the most attention to detail and artistic talent. Nowadays there are a plethora of tools that will help any creative web designer realise their vision – the limit is literally the sky with today’s technology.… Read more