After Tax Calculator

January 31, 2018 income tax income tax calculator php Wordpress 0

We are proud to present another cool development project that falls into the tax calculators category – this time, it’s an after tax calculator that helps employees find out their net pay after all tax and national insurance has been deducted. The web app has got a very simple to use interface, where people simply… Read more

How To Add Categories To WordPress Pages

August 13, 2017 php Wordpress 0

As a default, WordPress won’t allow you to categorise the pages, as it only allows categories to be set to posts. The good news is that there is a very easy way to enable categories to WordPress pages. Just paste the code below into your plugin’s or theme’s functions.php file, and you’re done: 12345function add_taxonomies_to_pages()… Read more

Save and retrieve data with WordPress Options

August 11, 2017 php Wordpress 0

Sometimes you might be in need of quickly storing and retrieveing data in WordPress for your plugin (in this example a simple delivery price is stored in wp_options table), and you don’t want to set up a separate database table and code to handle the database for this. The good news is that there is… Read more

WordPress Insert Content After Content

August 11, 2017 php Wordpress 0

This is a simple code to add extra content after the content of a page or post in a WordPress website. Just paste the code intop your plugin’s or theme’s functions.php file, and edit it to your preference: 12345678910function wpb_after_post_content( $content ) {                     $custom_content =… Read more