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online css editor

Even a simple Notepad es enough to edit CSS code. If you need syntax highlighting and other features that make composing even more user-friendly then you can use Notepad++, a desktop application which handles so many programming languages.

If you’re looking for an online CSS editor which doesn’t require software download, installation, regular upgrades, shady additional trojan installs on your computer I would like to showcase two great tools that operate in your web browser.

CSS Cleaner

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Perform Cascading Style Sheet cleaning with a click of a button. The online CSS Cleaner, beautifier, or call it whatever you like, is a free code optimizer that helps you tidy up your messy codes easily. Whether your code is obfuscated, minified or just a big mess this cleaner will help you bring it to an organized, readable format.

Online CSS Editor

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Similar to the previous tool, the online CSS Editor allows you to compose your code in your browser. It can stay open in a tab at any time. It helps writing the styles with syntax highlighting and many built-in features. Use the Demo code to play with the tool before you edit the CSS for a live website.

I hope that you’ll find useful one of the sites I presented above and you’ll even save them to your bookmarks to help your work in the future!