March 20, 2017 Blog Design development javascript jquery Tools 0

Only one more week till April Fool’s Day and today I’m going to give you a great tip on how to prank your classmates or colleagues. There’s an online Windows XP simulator, built entirely with HTML and CSS which imitates the functionality of an old computer but it runs in a web browser. Trick your friends by secretly opening this site on their computer while they’re not around and watch their reaction when they sit back to their machine! It will give you some funny moments, I guarantee it 😉

Go to and set the page full screen with the F11 key. You can revert back to the browser frame by pressing F11 again.

The site has some other funny features, such as:

  • Fake Disk Formatter – a DOS window creates the illusion of your hard disk being formatted
  • Fake update screens – for iOS, Win XP, 7 and 10. Create the illusion of the computer being in the middle of an upgrade.
  • Fake Bios – Most people are not very familiar when they see a CMOS setup utility and they’re easily scared when they see one open on their computer

Test these awesome tools but use it wisely. Make sure nobody gets hurt when you’re doing the prank!