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Koala as TypeScript Compiler – Installation Guide Step by Step

October 23, 2016 javascript Typescript 0

You might be just starting out in the mysterious world of TypeScript, and you are wondering what the heck should I do with this? Where to start with TypeScript? How do I compile it to Javascript code that browsers can actually understand? Just like you, I was once a beginner with TypeScript, and  I know… Read more

Connect to a MySQL Database via OOP PHP

June 14, 2016 Design 0

In this article I’ll explain how to connect to a MySQL database via Object Oriented PHP (OOP) techniques. There are many reasons you might want to use OOP PHP to connect to a database – your application will be safer, more structured, organised and re-usable.  In this article I’ll only write about how to connect… Read more

Sale Finder website

January 24, 2016 deals development php development 0
sale finder site

How to build a deal finder website with a crawler Have you ever dreamed about building a discount finder website yourself? Well if you have, I’ve got some good news for you.  With the help and advice from Everyday is Black Friday,  we’ll put together some nice articles about how to effectively build a deal… Read more

The Best Javascript Libraries For Web Developers

January 23, 2016 javascript javascript frameworks 0
best javascript tools and frameworks

  Web design and development is a really exciting area of the IT industry, and it’s the one that requires the most attention to detail and artistic talent. Nowadays there are a plethora of tools that will help any creative web designer realise their vision – the limit is literally the sky with today’s technology.… Read more

The Best Online HTML Code Editors

January 22, 2016 Blog 0
best online HTML composers

  I think we all know that there’s no CSS without HTML code and since we’re showcasing the web design we can’t ignore the fact that the backbone of every website is this markup language. To make the perfect design we need to use the best HTML editors and fortunately there are plenty, we just… Read more

Newspaper-style webpage

July 15, 2015 Design 0
newspaper style website design

  The website I’m showcasing today was inspired by an old newspaper. The design is using only an old-looking monochrome sepia look throughout the whole page. I can almost feel the smell of the old tidings while browsing this site. wwweeebbb.com detects the current date and a city near our current location, displaying the main headline as… Read more

Bad HTML and CSS practices

February 15, 2015 Design 0
bad html pactices

  Let our very first CSS showcase be a counterexample about a website which lists everything you should avoid while designing a website. I promise this will be the first and the last bad design we present you and we’ll publish only stunning examples in the future. The creators of BadHTML.com have tried to list as many deterrent… Read more

Welcome to CSS Showcase

January 14, 2015 Blog 0

We are proud to present a collection of the finest web design inspiration source! Browse our CSS Showcase and widen your perspective to help in your future projects. Submit your design works to us for a review and let us feature your website on our showcase.